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Top 60 des objets que les fans de Wonder Woman vont adorer (Objects that fans of Wonder Woman will love). Featured at number 56

Brides Magazine - July/August 2017 Edition

Brides Magazine UK July/August 2017  Brides Magazine UK July/August 2017

Facet Jewelry - August 1, 2016
5 questions with Design Challenge Winner Joanne Simmons

Facet Jewelry - July 7, 2016
Silver Sculptor, winner of the inaugural Facet Design Challenge for the category Metal, Wire, Clays & Resins

Rebates Zone - February 26, 2016
Our newest list and Gift Guide for Men, which will not cost you more than $100.

The Jersey City Independent - August 23, 2013
Simmons, 37, has always loved jewelry, doing beadwork as a child growing up in London...

The Jersey City Independent - August 21, 2013
This year’s wares will feature... Jersey City Craft Mafia member The Silver Sculptor. - June 15, 2012
Last-minute Father's Day gift guide - Dapper Dad will appreciate a new set of fine silver cuff links