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Fearless Meditation Ring

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Very simple, this ring which is inscribed with FEARLESS is a perfect gift for someone that wants to live their life to the fullest and without fear. You might have an affirmation that is to live without fear, then this ring will be a daily reminder for you.

The handstamped FEARLESS has a patina on it which will stay blackened. Once the ring gets tarnished, as it will in the future, just polish with a polishing cloth and the lettering will remain blackened, but the ring itself will come back to a bright polish.

If you have an affirmation or mantra that you would like me to add to the ring, just let me know and I will see if I can fit it on the ring. Generally speaking I can add 3-4 words depending on the size of the words and the size of the ring.

Dimensions: 3mm high, 1mm thick, letters are 1.5mm high.

All of my jewelry comes in a gift box, with a ribbon, so it's ready for gift giving to friends or family - or a little treat just for you!